What You Give

Each one should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not out of regret or compulsion. For God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Thank you to generous donors like the one who gave these much needed items. Everyone who gives continuously, know that we are grateful for your selflessness. We appreciate your full heart and for putting forth your energy to meet the needs of the homeless (08/19).
This gentleman and his wife (not shown) are repeat donors who give to our nonprofit because they believe in our mission. They know that their gifts have a direct impact on making a difference in the lives of the homeless. This couple are mission-driven contributors who share our mission with their friends. And now they are motivated to partake in the surge in cause-related giving. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. McMillan, and friends for your generous donations, trust, and commitment to the LEMM’s cause—helping our homeless (07/16/19).
On June 30, 2019, an anonymous donor with a desire to help the needy gave bins filled with toiletries. (Click on video) The love shown—in these bins—was absolutely amazing. Each container will go out to our homeless brothers and sisters who are in dire need. As well, we invite anonymous donations. Simply go to our “Donate Today” page, fill in the blanks, then press submit. You can also use the (Bank of America) Zelle Money Transfer app. Funding will go towards our operational costs. All of us here at the LEMM thank you anonymous donor(s). We appreciate your generosity.
Ms. Trish, after a 5k run for prostate cancer, held in Alexandria, VA, afterwards made her way to the LEMM headquarters located in Prince Georges County, MD. Now that’s the definition of dedication and commitment! Thank you for your genuine Compassion-in-action for both causes Ms. Trish. We, as well encourage our viewers to support the LEMM. Go to our menu, then use the drop-down list to select the “Donate Today page. (06/19)
There’s nothing like a cheerful giver… and for a worthy cause too. Thank you Ms. Pat for your admirable qualities of giving, as well as believing in the LEMM’s mission for the homeless. If you the viewer would like to give, and or to see how far donations go, start by clicking on our Introduction to giving located on the About-Us page. Follow the menu’s drop-down list. We would love to see your smiles (05/19).
Many donors give joyfully. And putting others’ needs above your own is indicative of an incredibly caring nature. Thank you to this beautiful Queen for her Compassion-In-Action support.
There’s nothing like community support. A special thank you to Mr. William C. for donating tennis shoes during the LEMM’s “No 4-Gotten Soles” community service event for the homeless. Go to 👉🏾 “Our Impact” page 3 for more about this event.