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<Become a donor for the sake of our at-risk homeless>
Poor physical health, aging, poor nutrition and hygiene; unavailability of low-cost housing or insufficient income to pay for housing, to name a few, increases risk factors for those who live on the streets, in cars, in tent cities, under bridges or off-the-grid.

Consider this statement from the National Alliance to End Homelessness. They asserted,

“…many people are unsheltered, living on the streets, in abandoned buildings, or in other locations not suitable for human habitation. Being unsheltered is largely a challenge for individual adults but some families with children are also in these living situations.” (2019)

Although your giving may not be the overall solution for ending homelessness or removing the needy from our neighborhoods or fixing their problems, these basic essentials could be a means to lessen poor health, and hygiene (See the Gift Giving list below).

Every day, thousands of homeless or disadvantaged people in communities across our cities and nation find themselves without a place to call home (See “Our Stories’ page“). However, your generous giving can make a HUGE difference! (See “Terms and Condition’s page).

The LEMM uses research and data to find solutions to end homelessness. In addition, our team participates in discussions with the Department of Social Services (DSS) Homeless Service Partnership (HSP) group. In our meetings—which include other nonprofit service providers from Prince George’s County—we brain storm to find ways to solve the issues of homelessness. We also work with county activists, Continuum Care advocates, and community-based public entities such as our local libraries. Together we adopt innovative approaches to meet the needs of the homeless. Our ultimate goal is to prevent and or end homelessness via affordable housing. In the meantime, when you give to support our work, this is one way that you can demonstrate your commitment to help us make change happen in the lives of the homeless. Make your selection(s) from the list below, complete the bottom form in its entirety, then press “Submit.” Thank you.

Example of Essential Items Needed <Giving Are All Year ‘Round>:

  • Toilet paper, Paper Towels
  • Travel Size Toiletries (e.g. Tooth Brushes, Tooth Paste, Lotion, Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner)
  • Packaged Crackers, Cereal & Granola Bars, Canned Tuna
  • Small Bottles of Water, Juice Boxes
  • Packaged Underwear, T-Shirts (Male/Female All sizes); Feminine Products, Depends
  • Blankets (New or Gently Used and Clean)
  • Washcloths
  • Socks (Male/Female All Sizes)
  • Soap, Lip Balm
  • Hand Wipes or Travel Size Hand Sanitizer
  • Gift Cards (e.g. Giant, Wegmans, Giant, Safeway)

This mid-afternoon, we met Zach, a student of George Washington University, an advocate, and an enthusiast for the homeless in this particular tent city (Click on video button). In his own words, he expressed his desire that the homeless would be able to move into affordable housing, and be able to go to health care facilities that will treat their medical issues or other related problems (June 11, 2019),


Viewers, would you prayerfully consider contributing either a yearly sponsorship or becoming a monthly sponsor? As a monthly sponsor, you will have the opportunity to make a GIGANTIC difference in the life of individuals and families with your generous gift(s) (Matthew 25:40). Your giving will include hygiene or care packages which include basic essentials, etc. (*See below)–to be distributed to those in need. 99% of your sponsored gift will help:

  • Give hope to disadvantaged individuals and families
  • Satisfy or ward off hunger pangs or empty stomach cramps until they are able to dine at a shelter, soup kitchen, church facility or such like
  • Lessen pre-existing or existing infections that may be treatable via, for example, LEMM’s feet washing ministry
  • Provide *travel size toiletries, blankets, clothing, socks, shoes or packaged snacks for the disadvantage or homeless on the streets (See Our Drop-in Center snippet video)
  • Provide convenience products such as disposable gloves, and unscented baby wash to care for the feet of the homeless–for their health’s sake or
  • Support events such as the LEMM’s Annual Winter’s Drive and or its Not 4-Gotten Soles Tennis Shoes/Sneakers Drive (See “Impact Images” page – Scroll down)
Pink coded female hygiene or care package. Blue coded packages are for the males.
Dude Wipes used to clean body (male and female). An alternative for no shower conveniences. Female underwear…a must.

To make a monetary contribution, we accept (Bank of America) Zelle Money Transfer payments, Money Orders, (CashApp) $LEMMinistry or (See our “Terms and Condition’s page).

Feel free to use the fill-in form provided below to sign up as our Monthly Sponsor, a regular Zelle donor and/or indicate your inquiry. Note: All gifts are tax deductible. Fill out below form or Contact us at:

Note: Gifts are received All Year ‘Round. Thank you for your consideration and giving! God bless you.