Donor’s Testimonials


The direct action of our donor’s contributions are used to provide assistance where it is most needed—helping the homeless and disadvantaged families. On occasion, the LEMM will focus its attention to testimonials from its donors, and rightfully so. Every essential item donated makes a HUGE difference in the lives of the homeless. From time to time, you’ll watch videos, and see photos of donors who selflessly give, along with details about their experience with our nonprofit. We want our viewers to know that donations are effectively reaching the needy and poor.

Testimonials from generous donors and their not just once, but many times, contributions to our nonprofit…

“When we drive around our cities and we witness countless homeless people living on the streets and in shelters; we can’t possibly know what set of circumstances drove all these people to become part of this unfortunate situation. Maybe, it was brought on as a result of being a war hero; a veteran or some other tragic incident during their lives that made it impossible for them to function as normal people; or continue to function normally as members of society. However, we do know each of these people could use our help. All lives matter, and while we may never be able to replace what their unfortunately circumstances has taken from them; we can try to help them maintain some of their dignity, and give what we can to help make their day-to-day lives a little better. When approached, I was more than happy to contribute shoes to this cause.” ~ W. Collins, Upper Marlboro, MD 06/05/19

“As a donor to LEMM, it blesses my heart to see everyone’s donation in action and to hear the homeless share their feelings about what they have received. When I see the videos of what this ministry is doing, I can tell that there is much compassion being pour out to those in need. And I appreciate the wonderful opportunity given to sow into this ministry to the homeless. Thanks and God bless!” ~ Michelle H., Montgomery Village, Montgomery County 05/28/19

“Because I know what it is to have nothing, truly breaks my heart….seen it, been there…. By giving and sharing just a portion of what I can offer, may not change the whole world but I know I change their world in a small little way. Homeless people’s lives matters to me.” ~ Rissa S., Woodbridge, Virginia 05/28/2019




“I am Banoth L. I was running an orphanage in Velupulasathyanarayana colony,
Mahabubabad, Telangana, India, called as “Dyva Krupa Orphan Children’s Home.” When I was in deep trouble, I was helpless. Then I met one of the members from LEMM. She introduced me to LEMM. LEMM understood my problems and they helped with clothes, toiletries, pencils, and etc. After wearing those clothes, children’s felt very happy. We got the help from LEMM. Thank you LEMM team members of LEMM. We are very blessed by LEMM.” ~ Banoth L.,
Mahabubabad, India 06/02/19 (See “Introduction” on About Us page.)


Social Media – Testimonials

“LEMM is one of the most absolutely amazing programs reaching out in the Washington, D.C. area. They give clothes and shoes to the homeless. They wash feet. They give them toilet paper, deodorant, and they pray with them. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see, on Instagram, these absolutely beautiful women and men helping the homeless. Let me say, ‘Thank you so very much for helping them.’ I wish I could help them, but I’m disabled. I believe we should always be kind to others. You may never know what someone is going through. We need to rise together. To God be all Your Glory. Please give. Please support LEMM. Give donations, and remember, there are no limits as long as God is in it.” ~ L. Colbert, 6/5/19