This website is dedicated to all who are homeless; to those who have a desire to help the homeless, and to those who may have been homeless during some time or other in their life. The LEMM is devoted to the cause of seeing to it that a reduction of intensity or restorative relief takes place in the life of those who are not physically, mentally or emotionally sound or well-able. Being homeless can be life threatening, such as from a medical illness or sexual abuse, to natural disasters. Individuals can lose their level of functioning and coping skills. Withdrawals, suicide tendencies, addictions, or even isolation develops. But our stopgap crisis intervention team set goals designed to reach out to, and listen to the stories from our homeless. It helps them to release and perhaps cope with unsolved problems. I found that it takes a level of courage and humility to receive from homeless individuals, their openness, during times of distress.

There was a time in my life that my husband and I were homeless (See “Who Are The Homeless” page). As well, many years ago, I suffered from depression and other physical, debilitating ailments whereby during one phase of my life, I needed assistance eating. During that time, it was painfully difficult picking up a fork. But by the Grace of God, prayer, and determination in my relationship with Him, I overcame every dark valley.

Today, when I see the homeless, I see their tears, and pain. I perceive despair, defeatist, shame and even guilt. Above all, I hear their cries for assistance. But all of this is from their perspective, not mine. So after listening to them tell their story which many of them need to be heard, I go into my prayer mode. I ask Father God, “what is it that You would have me to say to those whom You love so dearly?” Oftentimes, I receive an immediate answer and other times I don’t receive an answer until later on after I’ve left the scene. But either way, when the answer comes, I am better equipped to share His Divine Inspiration to our poor—to the end that when they speak from the voice of despair or when they have that look of hopelessness, shame or guilt—it becomes nullified by the love and compassion shown to them from our LEMM team (and its volunteers).

This dedication is also in hopes that a generation who doesn’t know or understand the importance of social interaction or the value of humanity, will become disengaged, at some time in their day-to-day activities…with the latest technology, iphones, ipads, etc. and get involved with human relations[hips]. In doing so, more homeless individuals, from our veterans to our youth, will no longer be forgotten or ignored. We need our youth to get involved with homelessness humanity—those who don’t look like them or have the same language or culture as they have conformed to—those who this generation may consider “abnormal.”

To that end, I dedicate this website to our youth who are interested in the lives of the homeless; whether it’s feeding them, washing their feet, giving them hope, clothes or shoes, praying for them or simply saying, “hi, how are you?” This dedication is my legacy piece. I pray that hundreds of thousands will see it, not just for the photos and videos alone, or in an inquisitive manner, but for a transformation of heart. Now, may their eyes see what our Lord sees. May their ears hear what the Most High God hears. May His supernatural power enable them to see and observe His works, and to hear and receive His word, and all loving instructions. When that happens the streets will know, because the ones who’re dedicated, their compassion will be in action.

The LORD has given us eyes to see with and ears to listen with.  Proverbs 20:12