Celebrating Volunteers

LEMM VOLUNTEERS are special because they are selfless, they demonstrate unconditional compassion and they are sensitive to others’ distresses. When they see a need, they are not hesitant to offer up their time or commitment for the project, event or service at hand. They are essential, and have been remarkable assets to the community. Their willingness to help in whatever capacity, is far beyond words of gratitude, and being thankful.

To all of the LEMM’s volunteers, past, present and future, a HUGE THANK YOU for helping our team make a difference in the lives of our homeless brothers and sisters!

“Whatever you do, do it from the heart, as something done for the Lord and not for people.” Colossians 3:23

Volunteer helps this mother in need search for a pair of pants fitting for her size. 05/2019
It’s not often when kind people give of themselves to volunteer. But when they do, the LEMM is appreciative. This woman was very dedicated in helping serve the homeless. She also was a recurring generous donor. (05/2019)
This gentleman on the left was very instrumental as a volunteer. This day, he helped to serve the needy tennis shoes. Photo is from the “No 4-Gotten Soles” event – Scroll down. 03/019

On this day, we celebrated our volunteers who tirelessly helped the LEMM team distribute care packages to homeless individuals and women shelters. They also offered prayer to those who requested it. Their willingness to take time out of their Sunday schedules was very much appreciated. Although a few of them couldn’t make it, each were later on given honor. Thank you to everyone present who believed in the work & vision of LEMM. A special thanks to Pastor Paul and his lovely wife Mona Sherrill for their kind embrace and support. And a distinct recognition and thank you to the voice behind the filming, videographer, Susan Berger.

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Volunteer assisting Alonzo who was in need of a pair of shoes
(December 2018
Volunteers handing Tom, a tent city dweller, a hygiene package (January 2019)
Volunteers handing Mike and Daniel, tent city dwellers,
a blanket and care package (December 2018)
Volunteers handing out blankets
and care packages. Leti decided she wanted the blue blanket (December 2018)

If you are interested in volunteering, submit, on this page your name, and email. Leave with it a message specifically requesting your interest. We also accept students who will perform Community Service with the LEMM.