Day Drop-in Center: Clothes, Shoes, Bags and More

A Snippet of the LEMM’s Day Drop-in Center Free Clothing
Boxes of men’s tennis shoes-sneakers. Generous donors like the McMillan’s bring relief to individuals and families. 05/2019
Women’s Bags and Purses
The LEMM offers gently used and new shoes–men and women (most sizes).
Dress and Casuals Shoes (most sizes)
The LEMM Drop-in center receive from donors, gently used and new shoes

Compassion-in-Action 💞

Many times the LEMM team can not physically reach our homeless brothers or sisters. But the one thing that we do often is to “pray” without ceasing. 05/2019
Jason was very appreciative to have received a new pair of tennis shoes (04/2019).
Michelle was excited to receive a care package filled with essential goodies. She also received a pair of tennis shoes after her feet washing treatment (See below). Thanks to our donors, Michelle’s feet were pain free.
Michelle said she had been homeless for quite sometime. So we wanted to present her with something special. On this day, she received a “feet washing” treatment. The soles of her feet were callused and fungal-infected. But let me tell you, during that time of washing, she forgot about her current state. Because in that moment, she was Queen for the day. See “Our Impact” page 2 for more washings (05/20/2019).
Shavonna had many medical and health issues, including HIV. She slept on the ground, and was without a tent. In spite of that, she was anxious to receive a “feet washing” treatment. Afterwards, she was helped with putting on a new pair of tennis shoes because upon meeting her for the second time, she was shoe-less. She also received a care package. 05/29/2019
Hayward receives a care package filled with under clothes, and toiletries. He didn’t waste time putting on the new tennis shoes. His last words were, “Thank you. This is what I needed.” 05/2019

Mr. Alonzo’s Smile was Priceless! It was a cold day. His shoes were run-down. But after receiving a new pair, his facial expression-demeanor shifted! (February 2019)
Albert received a care package along with a new pair of tennis shoes-sneakers. He was grateful. Thank you generous donors! (05/2019)

Number 1 Misconception: All homeless individuals choose to live this way…

A Homeless Woman On a Vent Receiving a Hygiene Package And Blanket. This Was Her Heater And Bed That Night (January 2019).
Homelessness is no respecter of age, gender or nationality. This gentle soul received a care package and blanket. We managed to break through the language barrier before she accepted these generous donations (December 2018).
Underground–encampment in the woods. Someone’s belongings (March ’19).

What are “Lean-To’s”?

Sprawled along many concrete sidewalks are what as known as ‘Lean-to’s. These make-shift shelters are made up of usually tarp (plastic) which stretches across mainly fences. Inside these are where the street’s homeless dwell; and are used as barriers of (weather related) protection.

There was a gentleman sitting inside this lean-to on top of the card board box shown in photo. He eventually received a hygiene package and blanket (Winter ’18).

7 Bullet-Point Reasons Homeless People Live Underneath Bridges

  • To Escape Reality
  • To Protect Their Belongings
  • To Sleep Safely
  • To Stay Dry or Cool/Shelter
  • To Stay Safe From Possible Violence
  • To Avoid Arrest
  • To Do Drugs—Due To Addiction

Living Underneath Bridges: One of the most secluded or off-the-grid areas for the homeless…

This is Tent City Underneath a Bridge. The LEMM Team And its Volunteers Drive Around, Then Ventures Out to Where Others May Not or Shouldn’t Go. Wisdom is The Key (Winter ’18). Note: See 7 Bullet-Point… Above