We Are Called To Help The Homeless

These are stories that many people may view as out of the ordinary. Yet they are not. Someone’s differences or lack of understanding about others doesn’t warrant judgment or marginalization. The lives seen in the photos and videos are real. These stories are about the lifestyles of the homeless. And for them, that’s ordinary. These are individuals who are human, valued and have feelings. They face problems just like anyone else. They hurt, cry, and laugh. More important, many of them need a permanent place to stay. Here at the LEMM, we are called to embrace what some may have discarded. We hope that after your browse on this page, your heart will move to compassion-in-action.

God has identified himself with the hungry, the sick, the naked, the homeless; hunger not only for bread, but for love, for care, to be somebody to someone; nakedness, not for clothing only, but nakedness of that compassion that very few people give to the unknown; homelessness, not only just for a shelter made from stone but for that homelessness that comes from having no one to call your own.” –Mother Teresa

Russ (Rochester, MN 08/19)
Video C
We don’t own rights to music/song (Christo – Rochester, MN 2019)

We were in the state of Minnesota on this day. The plights of our city’s homeless are universal. Their stories of hardship are similar to the ones in Washington, D.C., Prince George’s or Montgomery county. Along the way, we met Russ, the guy with the help sign (see photo above). In our conversation he mentioned his wait for the results of whether or not he would be eligible for an affordable place of his own. He’s an ex-felon who’s subject to either employment rejection or other ways to better himself. He receives assistance from generous passerby-ers, the Catholic Church, and the MN Salvation Army. After listening to his story, he thanked us for spending time with him. And he didn’t hesitate to receiving prayer.

The second gentleman we met, Christos (Video C), gave a very poignant exposé about his maltreatment as a homeless man. Some of the things he mentioned were about ill-treatments homeless people receive. In many ways—from safety, socio-economic problems to healthcare—homeless people face unfair and ill-intentioned burdens. Many non-homeless people may take their life for granted. But that’s not the case with the homeless who we meet.

The LEMM’s street outreach approach in helping homeless individuals on the streets may not always be an easy one. And while our actions to engage with them wherever that may be in the United States and abroad, or in seeking solutions or to simply listen to their stories, we’re always cognizant of the best place to start—embracing the ‘humanity’ of our impoverished brothers or sisters.

Viewers and followers, you can help the LEMM continue to shine its light via our Compassion in action crisis-intervention outreach. With your monetary donations or otherwise, you’re making a HUGE difference in the lives of the poor and needy. Go to our Donate Today page to learn more about where nonprofit donations go. Remember to complete and submit the website’s “Donate Today” form. God bless you and thanks.

A Big THANK YOU to the U.S. Capitol Police

On Thursday, April 18, 2019 at the Union Station, the LEMM team witnessed an act of human kindness. Four Capitol police officers were present, however two were already aiding what appeared to be a homeless woman. She wasn’t properly dressed. She had only a hospital gown on, naked, exposed, with only the front of the gown opened. We attempted to offer some clothes. But the officer said they were waiting on a whole body suit so that the woman could be covered, even her exposed feet! Not only did they provide the body suit, but also water, and possibly food. How awesome was that! We know that their motto is to “Protect and Serve,” but let’s also add, “Restore!” All is not lost! God is Good!


Encampments are areas where tents or plastic make-shift huts are located. Usually these dwellings are occupied by what’s known as “off-the-grid” or “the underground,” which refers to homeless people, gypsies, or nomads who choose not to live in mainstream society; and this for various reasons. These stations may be slightly different from tent cities that are commonly based on city street locations or under bridges, near bus stations or near certain parks. The encampments seen in the <GIF> and the LEMM photos are many times located within the woods near places of businesses. Inside of these business establishments, the needy may enter into it to either get cleaned, warmed, cooled or to eat. These tents or huts are everywhere, even within your community. CAUTION: You may notice an encampment, but please don’t venture out towards it.

Families Living in Wooded Areas (March 2019)
A Wooded Area Encampment (March 2019)


  • Contact Information – Veterans (Go Here).
  • If you know of anyone who may be homeless or has been evicted, is in need of food or services or who may be transitioning from the streets, call the (Prince George’s County Department of Social Services) crisis line: 1-888-731-0999
  • Homeless 24-Hour Emergency Shelter (Washington, DC): (202) 399-7093 or call 211
  • Overnight Shelter’s Hotline: 1-800-535-7252
For over 20 years he’s been living on the streets. But he didn’t mind receiving the care package along with a little bit of understanding. 05/2019
She was irate because her children were taken from her. She appeared eased when I listened to her story. Then, she was given a hygiene package which seemed to make her forget about her troubles. 05/2019
This gentleman was given a pink flyer which shows the crisis line to the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services
👉🏾 1-888-731-0999