Our Mission

LEMM’s mission is to improve the quality of life, and the morale of individuals and families who may feel that there’s just no light in the darkness they face. More important, we want to prove that good things can happen when a community of people donate for a worthy cause. We want to make a difference on homeless issues that affect our cities. With that being stated, we aim to put the love of God into action, providing relief to, as much as possible, our homeless brothers and sisters. You are welcome to help us succeed. For donations and or support πŸ‘‰πŸ½ (“Go here”). Compassion-in-Action!

Mr. Whitfield’s painful and swollen feet felt much better after soaking and washing. The LEMM’s “Feet Washing” ministry is a small, but effective approach to reducing any medical or health issues that many of our homeless people face. See more on πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Our Impact” page. (06/19).
This gentleman was very appreciative to have received a loaded care package. Our goal is to reduce or to divert our homeless brothers and sisters from gradually getting used to or accepting, with no hope for change, prolonged homelessness. While many of our homeless are waiting or trying to survive in the midst of bureaucratic red tape, the LEMM’s crisis-intervention team is seeking philanthropic donations (Click Here).

Our stop gap crisis-intervention and outreach team most times are on the streets meeting the fundamental needs of the disadvantaged or homeless. The LEMM team covers various parts of the Metropolitan area, and or other counties. We believe that a lot of our homeless brothers and sisters will eventually receive affordable housing or shelter. However, due to the lack of permanent housing solutions or lack of mental health-care or something other, many of them resort to living in their cars, living in temporary shelters, on the streets or encampments.

Meantime, the LEMM provides a diversity of homeless services, including
πŸ‘‰πŸ½ “Washing their Feet” or washing their hair. What we do for them for the time being becomes a conduit for us to either initiate dialogue with them or become part of a necessary emergency service network. We hope that our stopgap initiatives will ultimately make a dent in decreasing homelessness. Visit our πŸ‘‰πŸ½“Celebration” page for LEMM’s volunteers. Because without these willing vessels, the “Light” in the LEMM would be dim.

This image shows a homeless man, in the Winter of 2018 laying on the concrete sidewalk on top of a plastic "lean-to."

Stereotyping the homeless creates over generalized beliefs which causes one to ignore differences or needs. For instance, not all homeless people ask for money. Certainly, this gentleman in the photo did not. In fact he turned down our alms-giving. See more of the LEMM’s Mission on our “About Us” page.