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Don’t Judge Homelessness

Do you know that stereotyping or stigmatizing the homeless prevents them from opening up when approached? It’s a negative energy that keeps them locked up in low self-esteem or fear or maybe even feeling unworthy. However, this wasn’t the case while engaging in a conversation with the three women we encountered this afternoon. The LEMM’s outreach team and our volunteer met Doris, Jennie, and a woman the Lord said to call, “Mother.” Each of them were on the street. Doris had her packed belongings leaning up against a concrete wall on the sidewalk. She was still bent over going through her things as we were closely approaching. After we got her attention, we introduced ourselves. We let her know what we had, and that she was welcome to have it. She declined clothes, snacks and water. We then noticed her cut open-toe tennis shoes that exposed her toes. We had shoes on hand, but she declined them. The only thing left asking her was if she wanted prayer. Doris (not seen in photo) received prayer and thanked us. With some, that may be all they want.

Mother further up the street saw us handing clothes, shoes, and a hygiene package to Jennie. She scurried down to us to join in. After serving this elderly woman clothes and a hygiene package (see photo), we went on to serve Jennie. Mother was so pleased to receive her gifts—your donations. But what she didn’t want was prayer. Jennie, the homeless women seen sitting on the concrete stoop was so comfortable by our presence that she opened up and shared her story about how she became homeless–Alcoholism. She shared more of her story including the seizures that she was having (see photo). Suffice it to say, Jennie also wanted prayer. She was so moved by the outpouring of God’s Love and healing mercies that she kissed me and hugged me tightly. She was truly grateful. On the way back to our vehicle, we looked over and saw Jennie with toothpaste around her mouth—brushing her teeth. These items were a part of the care package she received. What an Impact!

Thanks to our generous donors, many who walk the streets in tattered shoes or who are hungry or who are in need of wash ups are given fundamental essentials. Viewers, your donations will always make a HUGE difference in the lives of the homeless. Go to the Donation’s” page so that you too can become a donor.

Jennie receiving her hygiene package along with emergency homeless contact number on pink flyer, and clothes. Check out her new black tennis shoes (04-28-19)
“Mother” eagerly waiting to receiving a new pair of pants and a hygiene package (04-28-19)
Jennie sharing her story and need. She also pointed out how the LEMM was God-send when she received her shoes. Before we arrived, she said that her feet were hurting. She wanted to go to So Other’s Might Eat (SOME), but would rest off of her feet until the pain subsided. Then the LEMM showed up 04/28/19

For so many of us, the spring—summer seasons are filled with times for vacations, family cookouts or outings or maybe beach excursions. But for those experiencing homelessness, spring—summer can be a time of absolute distress, considering the humidity or scorching heat. During the winter, donors may be more willing to assist the homeless because of the threatening drops in temperature, especially those who aren’t interested in warming places like shelters.

Notwithstanding, the spring—summer seasons as well, are prone to immense suffering temperatures. The LEMM’s crisis intervention team once again ventured out. This day as we were idly waiting in rush hour traffic, I glanced over and saw sitting up against a street post, Jason and his partner, Tina–not seen–she stayed to guard their belongings. One was panhandling while the other sat holding a “Anything You Can Give” sign. I was able to call out to Jason as our vehicle started to pull off. We eventually would meet in a safer location. He shared with us that they were from Los Angeles, CA. Suffice it to say, both ended up with two pairs of tennis shoes, and hygiene packages. Jason excitedly returned back to their spot on the street, but not without gladly thanking us for those much needed items, especially the shoes.

Jason, a nomad from Los Angeles, CA checks shoes for proper size to give to his female friend (Not shown). She’s on the street guarding their belongings. Jason was excited to receive a pair of shoes for himself. He said that his new pair fit better than the oversize tattered ones that he was wearing. What an Impact! April 2019

Our Recent “Not 4-Gotten Soles” tennis shoes/sneakers for the homeless event – March 30 and March 31, 2019:

We revisited a tent city in Washington, DC and saw by surprise, Mr. Michael. We first met him during our 1st Annual Winter’s Drive which ended January 31st of this year. Note: See the acknowledgements, and special thanks to 👉🏽 our volunteers. Hundreds of our homeless brothers and sisters received hygiene packages and blankets. Our brother Michael was one of many who was blessed. During our time of prayer, his request was to get off of the streets and into housing. Well, his testimony says it all. Listen…

The LEMM not only distributes the donations from generous contributors, we also are a spiritual conduit for those who desire prayer.