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Those In Need Don’t Always Ask For Money

Someone said, “all the homeless do is ask for money. And when you don’t give them the exact amount that they ask for, they’ll get mad at you.” Well, that statement is definitely false. Certainly this wasn’t the case for the homeless brother we met on the street.
On March 9, 2019, the LEMM team went out on another venture. In our journey, we met three ladies (one lady is seen in photo below), and each of them declined the gifts presented to them from the LEMM’s alm-giving donors. Oftentimes, we depend on our spiritual discernment, instead of judging outward appearance, for those who are in need. There are those who seem honest and simply don’t want anything. Then there are humble people like the homeless gentleman we met.
Albert was a delight to talk with. He shared his story in which a portion of it is on the video. Need I say, he didn’t ask for money. Rather, he was grateful to receive a care package, along with a pair of shoes.

Her life belongings neatly arranged inside of a bus shelter. Her request wasn’t for money. And when asked if she wanted a care package or shoes, she in a soft tone said, “no.”