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👣 “Feet & Hair Washing” Ministry 👣

There are so many homeless individuals who are without much needed medical and health care, including washing hair and the proper care of feet. A great portion of them suffer with feet issues that range from calluses, corns, foot bunions, and fungal-infections–to–painful, tired sore aching feet–as a result of walking or wearing, year-in and year-out, run-down shoes. In addition, head lice, dandruff, psoriasis and other scalp infections afflict our homeless. So as an alternative to what they can’t afford to receive, especially health-care wise, the LEMM team decided to bring to them, our “feet washing” and “hair washing” services. It’s truly a blessing to see their scalp and feet being restored. And the smiles as a result of these treatments are priceless. Along with their feet washing treatment, they receive a new or gently used, in good condition, and or wearable pair of shoes. And if they desire a comb and brush after their hair washing treatment, they receive that as well. Accompanied with the above essential items are a hygiene package (if requested). Send in your monetary or other donations via your e-mail submission. Fill out the form located on the bottom of the, Donate Today page. Thank you for helping us, care for them.

Here, Mr. Whitfield is getting is hair washed. He had it washed at another time. But this one was long overdue. Our volunteer was very instrumental, as well as humbled to have performed this service. Thank you Tola (08/03/19).

That’s the way it is with the Son of Man. He did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many people. Matthew 20:28

Mr. Whitfield’s feet washing treatment which has helped healed previous bruises sustained
after a fall from imbalance and a fall from a previous bodily assault
Mike was very eager to receive a feet washing treatment. All throughout his washing, he let us know that it felt good. He was very grateful to say the least (07/19).
Dalita receiving a feet washing service. Unlike the luxurious pampering that many people who live in homes may receive, the feet of the homeless are washed as an alternative to podiatry-health care treatments, which most homeless individuals do not possess. Many are ashamed of the appearance of their feet, as well as the uncleaned state of them. However on this day, Dalita was appointed Queen
forever while receiving a deluxe treatment (07/19).

“If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.” John 13:14

Mr. Whitfield enjoying his feet being washed. When we met him, his ankles were wrapped in balled-up plastic. It was used as a buffer between worn out shoes, and a ankle pain reliever. He stated that he had previously fallen. During and after his washing, he expressed how grateful he was and that the pain had lessened. He received a pair of new socks, and shoes which were in a better condition than the ones he wore (06/11/19).
Mr. Whitfield’s lower calf to ankles were stiff and hard. His knees and legs were bruised and bloodied. Once washed, he needed help putting on his new socks. As the socks were being pulled up, dead skin dropped from his fungal-infected toes. We need your donations today (06/19).
Mr. Whitfield is being helped with a new pair of socks which came from the hygiene package he received. He’s being helped with gently used shoes which have better ankle and sole support. Please “Donate Today.” Our homeless brothers and sisters need new or gently used, wearable tennis shoes. Their feet are in poor condition (06/19).
This is Michelle receiving a “feet washing” treatment. This day, she forgot about being homeless while enjoying her moment as Queen for the day (05/20/19).
After her feet washing, Michelle received a care package and new tennis shoes (05/20/19).
“Feet Washing” brings healing to the soul—sole! 05/20/2019
Shavonna said that she and her friend live on the street. They sleep on the ground. But when the LEMM team met with her, the second time, she forgot about her issues. That’s what “feet washing” can do. We believe that these “feet washing” treatments will prevent their feet from perhaps worsening. Each time when asked, she said that she liked what was happening. Her demeanor had changed. What good news! This kind soul also received a hygiene package and a new pair of tennis shoes.
We’re asking for your donations (Go to our Donation’s Page). 05/29/2019