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The Light of Embassy Missions Ministry or LEMM anticipates that these photos and videos of “IMPACT” will have a strong effect upon or perhaps influence its viewers to consider donating to this startup nonprofit organization. Your support is much needed for this good cause, i.e. serving the homeless (See our “About-Us” page). More important, your donations matter. There are countless of homeless people who live mainly on city streets. However, there are others who live underground or off-the-grid. They are the ones who more than likely are overlooked, many within our neighborhoods. Personally, there’s not anyone who I know that hasn’t been emotionally moved by an impoverished person’s situation, and or story. Let’s face it, countless of our veteran-homeless brothers and sisters are forgotten. Homelessness may never end. Nevertheless, with your help, together we can prevent them from either freezing, becoming dehydrated or lacking daily fundamental essentials or even dying on the streets. Economics or affordable housing may be the main reasons for homelessness, among other societal causes, including health care, either medical, dental, and or mental issues. But, you the viewer can offer your support by becoming a generous donor (See our “Donation’s page). Sending your donations–All Year ‘Round; and or becoming a Monthly Sponsor will make a HUGE difference in the lives of the homeless, especially when they face (weather-related) adversities.

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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The LEMM’s out reach Team in Rochester, MN (January, 2020). We go where the need is, at random.
John sits in the frigid cold–downtown Minnesota asking for anything. The people traffic is heavy during the hours he sits, asking for alms. He’ll be fortunate if he gets anything. So many people walked past him during our encounter.

It was a beautiful in the mid 70’s today. The last days of washing feet and hair this year. Fall is coming soon. Nonetheless, Monique was all smiles and happy to see the LEMM’s crisis-intervention team return to wash her hair. It was the highlight of our conversation. And for a good reason too. Later on, she indicated that her mom used to style her hair and gave her good tips on how to maintain it. So, in addition to her hair being washed, she eventually was given a few hair products. Also given was a bin full of more goodies including two T-shirts (she’s wearing one in last video slide), a pair of shoes that she immediately put on, pants, toiletries, bottled water, a can of chicken, crackers, and more. LEMM’s former request for bras—at that time Ms. Monique’s size was undetermined, was fulfilled. She, in addition received a few in her care package. Thanks to a generous donor, she no longer has to wear a piece of torn cloth as a bra’s substitute.
Monique is 33 years young and has been homeless for 8 years. She, like other homeless brothers and sisters haven’t yet received intake for affordable housing. For the record, they abhor neighboring shelters. Although she may have Medicaid or see her sibling from time to time, the fact remains, she doesn’t have a permanent place to live. Until then, she like so many other homeless individuals, will unfortunately fill the streets. But your donations, monetary or otherwise will make a HUGE difference, at least for the time being—until their plight is resolved. Won’t you help?
Click on the link at the bottom to find out more about where your donations go. Learn more in regards to LEMM. And use the menu’s drop-down list to see more pages: “Our Impact” page will move you to tears.

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Monique’s Crown of Glory (09/18/19)
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See Page 2 – “Feet & Hair Washing” Ministry

Faith that doesn’t lead us to do good deeds is all alone, and dead (James 2:17)! Today was a glorious and successful day which had all to do with our faith and works. First, we met Mother Eloise who initially turned down gifts that were presented to her. Anytime strangers meet, that is expected. However, in our line of work, giving up too quickly is not what we do. She could sense the presence of God, because in so many words, she conveyed that to us. Besides, during that moment in time, she received her breakthrough. Thanks to generous donors, Mother Eloise was so happy to receive a pair of shoes, and a care package.  To add, she didn’t hesitate to receive prayer. The photos tells it all.

Mother Eloise was excited about receiving her shoes and care package. Her smile will always be remembered (06/19).

Next, we met a young lady who was skeptical about our feet washing favor which she claimed she never had. Moving right along, she then asked for something to eat. We told her we had snacks which are included in the care package. She too was grateful to receive a care package, along with a pair of tennis shoes.

Sitting on the bench in the sweltering heat. All she asked was for something to eat. But, in the end she received more. 06/2019

Each one should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not out of regret or compulsion. For God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Finally, we went to check on Shavonna and Drew. It really wasn’t what we thought about doing initially. But we were moved to revisit them once they were spotted from the street. Drew appeared to be making Shavonna comfortable in her wheelchair by hoisting her up onto the seat paddings. They were glad to see us again as we approached them. This time, instead of the gift of feet washing, and hygiene packages, Drew shouted with glee his testimony—-“the housing was approved…and they would be moving in soon” (See video below). That was the best thing that could happen to us, as he explained in his own words. Living on the streets for three years, being released from prison a year ago. . .and this one. . .Drew said, “it was because of y’alls prayers…” Last week when Shavonna’s feet were washed, and they were given care packages. But, the LEMM team didn’t leave their presence without praying. As a result of that, and with confidence, our prayers were heard.

And so it was with each one whom we came in contact with on this day—the effectual, fervent prayers availed much in the lives of our homeless brothers and sisters.

Thanks to your generous donations, many who live on the streets or who walk the streets in tattered shoes or who are hungry or who are in need of wash ups are given fundamental essentials. Your donations will always make a HUGE difference in the lives of the homeless. Quickly go here to “Donate.” Thank you!

“Drew and Shavonna’s Testimony”
They received housing!