About The Founder & Team

Joanna High

Director and Project Coordinating Manager

Joanna M. High is the Director and Project Coordinating Manager of the Light of Embassy Missions Ministry or LEMM, a public 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; and a designated Continuum Care in Prince George’s County. She oversees the day-to-day operations and administers, directs, as well as coordinates the activities of the LEMM’s stopgap local and abroad missions. She is a voice and crisis intervention conduit for homeless individuals who live on the streets, under bridges, underground, and in tent cities.  In her role, Mrs. High worked closely with the Outreach and Community Engagement Manager, CSD, for the Department of Social Services or “DSS” serving to end homelessness in Prince George’s County.  She is also a member of the DSS’s Homeless Service Partnership or “HSP”. Prior to fulfilling her passion to help the disadvantaged and homeless, 20 plus years ago, she became a volunteer for the SHARE program hosted at Beulah Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Nutritious groceries were packaged and distributed within that community. She also had the opportunity to minister to women in prison, and on parole. In addition, she hosted and ministered to women at the Open Heart Fellowship, her in-home women’s ministry. While on her life’s journey, when certain family members became incapacitated, she didn’t hesitate to become their care giver.  Moreover, she was for over 5 years, a State registered (Subsidy Program) Child-Care Provider, and business owner of the “Waymaker Day and After Care.”   👉🏽 Read more here about her love for children. During her tenure as a childcare provider, she served short term, on the Kettering Home Owner’s Association Architectural Committee’s board. A volunteer at DSS’s Office of the Deputy Director and Program Director of Homeless Services, she managed as an inventory associate, the Food Pantry and Clothing Donation’s program. Subsequently, this passionate soul would volunteer her time as a customer service representative at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden’s call center. During that time she would contact pre-registered Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway recipients regarding their orders. She also volunteered in this organization’s Feed the Hungry Missions Ministry which provided lunch bags for the homeless.
Leaving no higher education stone unturned, this ambitious leader managed to continue her education within Prince George’s County.  In 2001, from Prince George’s Community College, Mrs. High had acquired her Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Program Management.  In 2009, she matriculated to the University of Maryland Global Campus.  In the period of attaining her Maryland Theta Pi Gamma Mu Social Science honor roll prestige, she also attained her Bachelor of Science’s degree in Social Science, with a concentration in Human Behavior (2012).

Ronald A. High

Officer and Team Member

Ronald High is LEMM’s Officer and team member. Mr. High is married to his wife, Joanna High of 43 years. Together they have two adult children and four awesome grandchildren. He was born and raised in Washington, DC. Ronald is a proud graduate of Anacostia Senior High School, class of 1976. He studied at the University of the District of Columbia before he found his long-term career. At the time of his tenure, but now a retiree of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission or WSSC, Mr. High for 38 years was a reliable worker who showed forth remarkable work ethics. During the last 15 – 17 years, he worked as a Field Service Representative or better known as a Meter Technician. In this position he performed high quality meter installations for commercial businesses, as well as for residentials. His interaction with customers meant that he had to listen well to their needs while trying to solve challenging situations which ranged from high water bill complaints to suspending services. Since his retirement, Mr. High continued to work, but on a part-time basis. As a contracted custodial worker, he has a working knowledge of the building cleaning practices, as well as making sure that adequate supplies and equipment are used economically and efficiently. These abilities and attributes have no doubt transferred over into the LEMM where the bottom line is, supplying the basic needs of our homeless brothers and sisters. He also serves as a Department of Social Service community member for the HSP. When on the streets, Mr. High has a listening ear to those who are in need–sometimes their complaints, but most of the time, their stories or hopes. He oftentimes gives words of encouragement, and asks them if they want prayer in which he gladly offers. In his own words, “We are here to serve.”

Mildred Ellis

LEMM Team Member and Chaplain

Mildred Ellis is the Chaplain for LEMM. She is a long-time prayer intercessor, spiritual caregiver, and LifeNet leader. Her mission as a LifeNet leader is to reach out to those in need; to serve and make disciples of others, build friendships, show love in the community, to encourage—many times through prayer—and direct the hearts of others toward God. She was once homeless, but as a result of determination, and prayer, her life was turned around. The same faith that she had then, when she was struggling, is what she stands on today, especially when someone desires prayer. Homeless or not, she’s called to pray. Go here... In her own words…

“God saved me over forty years ago. I have had the opportunity to minister to others in Church settings and street settings. I believe God uses many different avenues to minister to others. When we get the revelation that we are all in this thing called life, it helps us to look past ourselves. God is a God who does not have respect of persons, but created us equally. Hallelujah, that is good news. God is concerned about the homeless, as well as those that have a home. God shows His heart in the LEMM Ministry by reaching out with helping hands and, the Gospel to encourage others. There are many facets of homelessness and I encountered a facet of that many years ago. I am grateful that mine was short-lived. Helping hands reached out to me.

MATTHEW 8:20 tells us that Jesus didn’t have a place to lay His head, so apparently He understood homelessness too. Jesus left his home in Heaven to show whosoever will how to get home. Technically everyone that doesn’t know Jesus is homeless.” ~Selah